Hi, I'm Chris

I'm a product manager, community organizer, and entrepreneur. In my free time, I enjoy sports, technology, and politics. Scroll down to learn more about me, or connect with me on LinkedIn, AngelList, or Twitter.

My life has been shaped by mistakes I've made and lessons I've learned along the way. Read my bio to learn more about me. 


I relocated to Huntsville from Boston for a job with Curse Gaming in January, 2015. Huntsville had a different culture than I was familiar with: it was quiet and family-focused, but its community was loyal and ambitious. Right away, I got the impression that the people of Huntsville had big aspirations for its future. Over time, I've adopted those aspirations and have become passionate about helping Huntsville flourish. 

Huntsville has a ton of potential. You'd never guess that this small place in Alabama could be so forward-thinking. It's full of brilliant minds—more PhDs per capita than anywhere else in the country. It's home to world-class institutions, such as NASA, the Redstone Arsenal, HudsonAlpha, and Lowe Mill. Decades of focus in defense and aerospace has fostered a more private culture here, however it hasn't stopped these institutions from recruiting a creative, innovative workforce. The people of Huntsville have incredible creative capital.

To me, Huntsville feels like a startup; its potential for growth provides a great civic opportunity. As an entrepreneur, I see opportunities to innovate. And as someone whose livelihood is validated by connecting people, Huntsville presents an ideal opportunity. It has all the components of a soon-to-be-metropolis—400,000 people, money, resources, smarts, proximity to other cities, an influx of transplants—but it lacks the social infrastructure to connect its dots. That's where I can help.

Huntsville is one of the most exciting places in the country to live. Cities like Boston, New York, and San Francisco have already hit their stride. They have millions of people, thousands of great bars and restaurants, sports teams, transit systems, and diverse economies, but their fight is gone; they've already won. People there aren't writing their city's story the way we are here. Huntsville has the potential to become the southeast's the next big thing, and we're fortunate to have the opportunity to help it get there. 


I moved to Huntsville for a job with Curse Gaming, where I managed their 'Union for Gamers' YouTube product.

I first visited the AL.com building two months after landing in Huntsville. Today, I organize many of my startup activities here.

400 people attended my 3210 event with Andy Smith. A tech startup community is brewing in Huntsville.

My Companies

I'm currently working on three companies, each of which is geared toward economic development for Huntsville.