Huntsville Founders photoshoot, January 9th 2016

This past weekend, my team and I filmed six founder interviews with entrepreneurs from Huntsville: Colin Wayne (celebrity fitness model, founder of Colin Wayne Enterprise); Ashley Ramirez (founder of Mason Dixon Bakery & Bistro); Matt McLellan (founder of Absolute Nutrition); Glenn Clayton (founder of Appleton Learning); Kim Lewis (founder of Project XYZ); and Morgan Farrington (founder of Leave It To Cleaners). This shoot is part of a video series I produce called Huntsville Founders.

Our production team did a great job, and so did each of our founders. It's tricky to sit there with the lights on your face and a roomful of people hearing your founding story. 

Here are some of our photos from the shoot. Overall it was a fun day, and we now have lots of content in our backlog to work with. A big thanks to each of our founders and our crew!

Jeff Sanders adjusting his camera in preparation for the shoot.

Colin Wayne getting ready to be interviewed.

The crew and Morgan & Seth Farrington enjoying some snacks after our shoot was finished.

The crew packing up the set.