3210: Robinhood

This morning at 3210 I gave a deep-dive presentation on the founding story of the company, Robinhood, which offers zero-fee stock trading via a very sexy mobile app. You can see the slide deck for the presentation here.

Since I haven't written about 3210 before, we traditionally do one of two things: 

  1. I prepare and then present a deck on the founding story of a successful tech startup: its founders, product, model, investments, competitors, and opportunity.
  2. We have a successful tech entrepreneur speak to our community about their success with their company.

Personally, I enjoy the former of the two approaches because it gives the group an opportunity to more objectively discuss the startup at hand. My goal in facilitating discussion about tech startups is for people to come away from the event thinking about ideas for their own possible tech startups.

However, we've also hosted a handful of really great speakers.

Over the past couple of months, interaction and community development within the group has really started to flourish, with many more people meeting each other, collaborating on projects, etc. Folks have started coming to Coworking Night as an extension of 3210. It's really wonderful to see.

Here are the other slide decks I've made for other 3210 deep-dives. Please feel free to take them and use them for any purpose.