Coworking Night #40 - Packet Sender, Lean Startup, Pitching 101

Last night was Open Huntsville's Coworking Night #40 - the 40th time that a group of folks and I have met at for our weekly coworking event.

We had a few events last night. Dan Nagle, a local software developer, gave a demo of his TCP/UDP packet-intercepting app, Packet Sender. One of the group attendees contextualized Dan's app as a tool that could, for example, intercept the controls for a Nest thermostat and make them usable via another device. 

Dan Nagle gives a talk about his Windows/Mac/Linux app, Packet Sender.

After this, Tom O'Connell presented the high-level topics from chapters 7-9 of The Lean Startup, which he and a group of other folks are reading. We had a good discussion about concepts such as performing customer development prior to building product, failing as quickly as possible, and creating test cases for validating ideas.

Tom O'Connell explains the concepts behind The Lean Startup to his startup book discussion group.

Following this, Matt McLellan facilitated his Pitching 101 group, which focused on fun, light-hearted pitches of existing known brands, such as Nike, Crayola, and Tide. A group of us got together in The Vault conference room, drew brand names from a hat, and practiced delivering their elevator pitches. After each pitch, we gave each other feedback on our presentations.

This was a lot of fun, and this also helped some of the less confident public speakers in the group to come out of their shells a bit. Matt did a really good job of keeping the event going and facilitating a welcoming, accepting environment.

Matt McLellan facilitating 'Pitch Night'.

In addition to these three events, a number of other attendees met in small groups or individually to talk business, work on projects, and explore ideas.

Our presenters did a great job tonight. We're working on further 'platformizing' the event such that more event hosts and groups can use the space and draw in crowds for learning, sharing, and collaborating.

Finally, a big thanks to for letting us use their space. We really appreciate it.