Here are a bunch of photos that I've taken over the years. I'm not much of a photographer, but I do enjoy capturing the beauty of the natural world.

Some kind of seed I found.


Love the contrast from blue to yellow.


My stepsister, Karen, who took her life in October 2013.


I loved conference room breakfasts at the CIC.


A majestic hawk in a tree.


View of the Boston Harbor from the 14th floor at MassChallenge.


I lived across the street from this house in Cambridge. These folks were well-prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


Gorgeous praying mantis I saw in Somerville, MA.


One of the kids from my McCall Middle School mentorship program playing with an Oculus Rift.


Caught this shot of the sun filtering through the trees at Tufts.


I think this is in New York. The sun and the steeple are beautiful, but I really like the silhouette of the bottom bird.


My dad is great at chopping wood.


View of Boston from the Harvard Club restaurant downtown.


My friend Stu getting ready to ride his bike in the winter.


Huge turnout for November Project despite the snow.


Some kind of seed.


The front porch of a house I stayed at for a bachelor party in Texas.


Impressive weeping willow.


My friend Corwin boarding a trolley.


A magnificent rose. Spotted in Philadelphia. 


Cambridge Public Library. Right down the street from my old apartment.


Sunny afternoon in the park next to my Cambridge apartment.


The cows at North Branch Farm.


Ada, with a kitten and some sun dust.


Morning on the farm.


A majestic cloud.


A sawmill doing what it does best. We cut down these trees.


A winding road in northern Maine.


These carrots were strangling each other underground. I pulled them from the ground like this.


My farm hosts: Elsie, Seth, and Tyler, and our recently harvested bounty of brussels sprouts.


The root vegetable washer.


My favorite cow, Poppy.


A magnificent purple cabbage.


Incredible sunset in Jones Valley.


A guy at Makers Local 256 with a homemade Tesla gun.


Andrew and Seth preparing for our first Huntsville Founders video shoot.


Praying mantis on my car.


Attendees at our launch party for Open Huntsville.


Red Sox game.


Dad and Lila in front of some crazy space contraption at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.


Getting preyed on by giant inflatable cats.


View of downtown Huntsville from the Summit at the PNC building.


View of Gunnersville, Alabama from a plane.


Stu and Blaise chilling in the grass after a frisbee toss.


Karen, Lila, Dad, and Sonya rowing together.


Vassar, Laura, me, Becky, Willy, and the Demi Lovato band from when Willy played with Demi.


Sunset over downtown Boston.


Office shenanigans at CoachUp.


Times Square, New York.


Museum/Library in New York.


Choosing my pair of Glass at Google.




Frisbee in the Bubble.


Chairlifting into the sun.




Kayaking on the Charles River.